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Tel.: (+49-8105) 39 06 53 - Fax: (+49-8105) 39 06 59
(Hereafter referred to as The Publisher)

§1 Product, Price, Ordering, Contracts

1. All products appearing on our Internet pages are offered without engagement. A contract is entered into only upon confirmation of an order or delivery by The Publisher.
2. All prices include all taxes and shipping surcharges.

§2 Warranty

1. The Publisher is liable only for deliberate harm and gross negligence.
2. For errors of delivery or service caused by The Publisher, The Publisher may either correct the error or provide a replacement product. If The Customer does not furnish The Publisher with the delivery article or service in dispute, or if he continues to use the product or service, all warranty claims are void.
3. If The Publisher is not prepared or in a position to repair defects or supply a replacement product or service, The Customer may either annul the contract or demand an equivalent price adjustment.

§3 Payment, Delay of Payment

1. The access to the database is only possible with a valid password after payment.
2. The Customer will receive an invoice accordingly to his research.
3. Payments are effective when booked on The Publishers bank account.

§4 Liability and Limitations to Liability, Place of Settlement, Jurisdiction

1. No damage claims may be brought against The Publisher regardless of legal grounds, with the exception of those resulting from deliberate harm or gross negligence on the part of The Publisher. The following in particular, provided they are not the result of deliberate harm or gross negligence on the part of The Publisher, do not constitute grounds for a damage claim: including and in particular due to delay or inability to act; breach of consulting and other contractual deeds of covenant; pre-contractual obligations; proven breach of contract; or unauthorized action.
2. Where The Publisher is liable, damage claims will be limited to an amount corresponding to foreseeable damage. Lost profits are not considered in determining compensation for damages.
3. All claims for damage brought against The Publisher expire 6 months after delivery. Claims regarding unauthorized action are excepted.
4. When and insofar as The Publisher is judged to be not liable, this judgment applies to the personal liability of his appointees, employees, colleagues, representatives and vicarious agents.
5. The Place of Settlement for all claims is the headquarters of The Publisher.
6. If The Customer is an entrepreneur as defined by German Corporate Law (Handelsgesetzbuch), Munich is the sole place of jurisdiction.
7. All relations are subject to German federal law. UNCITRAL accords do not apply.
8. Changes or additions to these terms and conditions must be in written form and included in the sales contract.
9. The ineffectiveness of one or more of the terms and conditions herein in no way affects the effectiveness of the other terms and conditions.
10. Only the German law and the German version of these conditions are binding as terms of trade.


By accepting these conditions, you submit to the conditions stated in the General Service Agreement.

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